Massage for Seniors

The aging process certainly causes wear and tear on the body, and by the time a person reaches retirement age, many muscles and tendons have either been either overworked or underworked over the years, causing contracture and an imbalance between the muscle groups.  The vertebrate also begin to become closer together from resisting gravity for years and many times the beginnings of a humpback form.  

Also, osteoarthritis is a condition that many seniors have, and there is research to show that massage helps with this particular condition.  Massage also helps with reduce inflammation and decrease pain from arthritis in general, a condition many seniors have.   Massage therapy provides a chance to reconnect with one’s body, and the cause the more body awareness we have, the more we can prevent things like accidents and falls. 

Massage also provides a relaxing, comforting touch to those who have lost a spouse or friends their age. Receiving caring touch is extremely important in the older years and unfortunately, many in this age group don’t have enough therapeutic contact.