Our mission is to provide therapeutic & relaxing massage therapy services, while
building relationships,in a nonjudgmental, nurturing and supportive environment.

Relocated and restored in 1992 by John Brooks Walton. It then became his office for the remainder of his years.

Relocated and restored in 1992 by John Brooks Walton. It then became his office for the remainder of his years.

History of the Building

Madsen Massage Therapy now resides in a beautiful historical house called The Manhattan. It was built in 1913 as the Manager's Cottage for the Manhattan Court Apartments originally located at 107 E. 11th St. in Tulsa.  It was relocated and restored in 1992 by the well-known Tulsa architect John Brooks Walton, after he heard it was going to be torn down.  After Mr. Walton restored the building, it became his office for the remainder of his years. The Manhattan is highlighted in one of Mr. Walton’s books, “One Hundred Historic Tulsa Homes.” We are so appreciative of the attention to detail Mr. Walton took in restoring this beautiful “jewel” of the Manhattan Court Apartments, and strive to put just as much detail into our work and into the house that Mr. Walton did. We feel it is an absolute honor to be in this building and are forever grateful.

Inside the book, “One Hundred Tulsa Historic Tulsa Homes, written by the Tulsa Architect, John Brooks Walton.

Inside the book, “One Hundred Tulsa Historic Tulsa Homes, written by the Tulsa Architect, John Brooks Walton.

History of the Business

Madsen Massage Therapy was established in 2010 by Nina Madsen, under the name Nina Madsen Massage Therapy. At the time and for the next 7 years, it was only her, and she never imagined having enough clientele that she would need to ever hire anyone else. She literally started with a small room, a massage table, sheets, a blanket, music, lotion and a curtain. She worked only 1 day a week at first, seeing just one client a week for a few weeks, and had a full time job at Stonecreek Day Spa in Broken Arrow. The very first client Nina saw came in his first session and immediately starting coming once a week. This special client was her very first and longest client who still sees her weekly to this day. A few months after she opened, she met a lovely couple who also both began seeing her once a week, and just like the first client, have also been seeing her ever since. In the beginning it was these three clients that enabled her to pay monthly office rent and save a little bit more to put back into the business. Every penny was put back into the business. As her business grew slowly, she added more days at the office. In 2015, it was time for her to leave Stonecreek, as she had built up enough clientele to go out on her own. Allie, her boss at Stonecreek was and still is so supportive and continues to be a mentor to her, and Nina is forever grateful for her. In 2016 after a fire at the Crow Creek Office Building, she relocated to 1626 S. Boston Ave. In 2017, she hired her first employee Deena Burks (Licensed Massage Therapist). Nina and Deena relocated in Feb of 2019 to 1717 S. Baltimore Ave and In 2019, new team members added include Licensed Massage Therapists JJ Martin + Kamerin Caskey, receptionists Angelyn Marie Moura, Hannah-Lauren Cato (aka “Sunny”), Maria Tate Reed and Cari Walden. The Team at Madsen Massage consists of passionate, caring and talented human beings with the goal of providing an excellent experience to our clients in a nonjudgmental, supportive & nurturing environment.

*Personal note from the owner - I am forever grateful to my supportive, extremely loving family, including my driven, talented sister/best friend who is a powerhouse (Tara), my wonderful, always smiling Italian mother from the Bronx (Barbara), and my quiet, kind and hard-working father (Tom). Growing up, I watched my father work day in and day on his small business, a home improvement business in New Jersey. Without realizing it, the life lessons that were instilled in me from a very young age play a huge role in both how I live my life and how I’ve been able to operate my business and recently expand. A strong, solid work ethic, never giving up on my dreams and being persistent were values both of my parents taught me that enabled me to have the work ethic and confidence that would lead me to a modern dance career in NYC, attend the Swedish Institute College for Massage Therapy and eventually open a small business of my own, just like my father. My father grew up in a poor city, Paterson, NJ - did not go to college and had little money - but he had a big dream and a lot of persistence. He is a self-taught man, who read as many books as he could and get as much experience as he could in his craft. He is now on of the most successful general contractors in Sussex County, NJ and is also extremely active in the community where we grew up. He has been my number one supporter of my business, and I’m so thankful and grateful for our daily, early morning talks that still continue to this day regarding everything about small business and life (as they are so interconnected) - the struggles we face, the risks we take, the failures that we learn from, and the courage to never give up. Thank you mom and dad - I love you both dearly.

About our Logo

*Our logo and website were designed by
Evan Wei-Haas of Wei-Haas Creative.
Thank you Evan! We are forever grateful for you!

For our logo, we highlight a Nautilus shell.  The Nautilus is a nocturnal creature that spends most of its time in the deep ocean.  It grows into increasingly larger chambers throughout its life and is a symbol for renewal and expansion.   

At Madsen Massage, we aim to help you on your journey through pain relief, relaxation and healing, so that you can leave feeling refreshed, expanded and better than when you came in.


Nautiluses are living members of the subclass nautiloidea, and are often considered “living fossils,” as they have survived relatively unchanged for millions of years.   

For many years, the spiral shape of the Nautilus shell has been thought to be an example of mathematics in nature through its close resemblance to the “Golden Ratio.” Although it is not an exact golden ratio, there does exist a beautiful spiral in it’s shape.  A golden spiral can be created by starting with a rectangle in which the ratio of a rectangle between its width and length is the golden ratio.  The rectangle can be separated into a square and a similar rectangle. If you partition this newest rectangle in the same way and continue connecting the corner of the squares indefinitely, the result with be a spiral shape closely resembling the nautilus shell.    

There are numerous examples of the golden ratio and spirals in human beings, nature and the world around us.  Our DNA is a double-helix spiral shape, as are spiral galaxies, flower petals, hurricanes, human faces, etc.  Although the golden ratio does not account for everything in the universe, it certainly reveals itself if you look around.  At Madsen Massage, see the beautiful connections and synchronicities between ourselves, our clients and the world around us. 

team madsen massage

Nina Madsen
Owner/Licensed Massage Therapist
Certified in Prenatal Massage

NY# - 022683
OK# - 156834

Nina is originally from New Jersey and relocated to Oklahoma in 2009. After graduating high school in NJ, she attended college studying modern dance at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She spent her junior year of college studying abroad at two dance conservatories - Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts in Perth, Australia and Teatterikorkeakoulu (The Theatre Academy of Finland) in Helsinki. Her senior year at UNCG, she received the Student Excellence Award from her dance mentor, Professor Sue Stinson, PhD and graduated cum laude 2005 with a BFA in Dance/Choreography & Performance. In 2006, she moved to NYC to further her movement and kinesiology studies and received her Certificate of Movement Analysis from the Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies. Her love of kinesiology and movement led her to attend college at the nation’s oldest massage therapy program - The Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences in NYC She graduated from the 1,250 hr program in 2008 with an associates degree in occupational studies and passed the NY State Board & National Exam (NCTMB).

Nina has 11 years of clinical experience, and is certified in Prenatal Massage. She is also a certified member of the Associated Body and Massage Professionals. She specializes in medical massage, prenatal, swedish and shiatsu. She also is Co-Director/Director of Modern Dance for Portico Dance Theatre, a 501c-3 non-profit dance company based in Tulsa. She is passionate about using her love and passion for movement and kinesiology to change perceptions on mental illness. She currently lives in Broken Arrow, with her fiance Craig and two rescue dogs Young Charles (Charlie) and Sir Wilson.

Deena Burks
Licensed Massage Therapist
certified in prenatal massage
lead therapist

OK# - 174031

Deena is a graduate of the White River School of Massage in Fayetteville, Arkansas at the top of her class.  Her program was over 700 hours of study in a variety of different modalities.  She has been a practicing massage therapist/body worker for over 16 years.  Her love of West African dance led her to travel around the US.  Therefore, she has practiced and held licenses in Colorado, New Mexico, California and Oklahoma.  Deena is a professional member of the American Massage Therapy Association and is Certified in Prenatal Massage. Deena specializes in deep tissue and post event sports massage.

A note from Deena: 
I believe that anything that can be done to the body can be undone.  I believe in my own intuition and experience when it comes to the human body and healing.  I believe physical and spiritual alignment are equally important to health and healing.  I also believe in  the patient's own body's ability to heal itself. Every massage is tailored to meet each client's individual needs and is a blend of different modalities.

JJ Martin 
Licensed Massage Therapist
Certified in prenatal masasge

OK# - 149856

JJ is originally from Phoenix, Arizona and graduated from Heritage College in Oklahoma City where she studied massage therapy and also Enid Beauty College where she studied cosmetology.  While in cosmetology school, JJ realized she found a passion for therapeutic massage while performing facials and decided to make it a goal to return to college to obtain more education in that field. 

JJ has been practicing for 3 years here in Tulsa and specializes in deep tissue and prenatal massage therapy.  She spends her free time focusing on her passions and hobbies including attending her child's jiu jitsu and playing on a recreational sports team.   JJ specializes in deep tissue, prenatal, and post event sports massage.


Kamerin Caskey
Licensed Massage Therapist

OK# - 179064

Kamerin Caskey graduated from Body Wellness in Littlerock, Arkansas and has been practicing massage therapy for 2 years. He specializes in therapeutic/medical massage and deep tissue massage therapy. During his work, his focus is to isolate musculature and provide long lasting pain relief. He is passionate about massage therapy and the positive impact it has on his clients. He is committed and dedicated to his work and enjoys learning as much as he can about the field he is so passionate about. Kamerin specializes in medical massage, post event sports massage and lymphatic drainage.

Hannah-Lauren Cato (“Sunny”)
Lead front desk Receptionist

Sunny is originally from Ruston, Louisiana. She decided to make the move to Tulsa in February of 2019. She attended Louisiana Tech University in 2017 and received her associates degree in child psychology in 2019. She is also a drummer and loves to use music as a way to express emotions, and in addition loves using painting as a creative outlet. She tries to visit New Orleans as often as possible, to get a dose of culture and art. She plans on attending Clary Sage to become a licensed massage therapist.


Angelyn marie Moura
Front Desk Receptionist
(Pic coming soon)

A Tulsa native, Angelyn is passionate about connecting with people and learning about what makes a person uniquely themselves. Married to her high school sweetheart, she and her husband adventure daily with their two huskies, Atticus and Gibson, and loved ones. Angelyn graduated from ORU with an exercise science and dance degree and has always been interested in whole body healing. She also owns and operates a small photography business here in Tulsa. For more info, visit her website at www.angelynmouraphotography.com

Cari Walden is originally from Galveston County, Texas and grew up in the DFW area. She attended the University of North Texas with an interest in psychology and moved to the Tulsa area in 1993. After working 12 years in various roles in healthcare, she realized she needed more balance with her time and health and chose a new path of bookkeeping. She earned her certificate of completion with Bookkeeper Business Launch in November of 2018 and her QBO certification in January of 2019. She is currently the owner of Advocate Bookkeeping and loves encouraging service-based small business owners, particularly those in the health and wellness field such as Madsen Massage, where she has found joy in mutual personal and professional support. She frequently enjoys continuing education in physical and financial health through various books and podcasts. She also adores hiking and wildlife watching, spending quality time with family and friends, and has a future goal of traveling to experience and enjoy the people and cultures of the world.

Cari Walden
Front Desk Receptionist
(Pic coming soon)

We also provide a home for
Megan Spears Yoga + Luker Acupuncture!


Acupuncture with Jeff LUker, LAc, MSAOM

Jeff Luker LAc, MSAOM joined us with his business, Luker Acupuncture in Sept of 2019. He is a NCCAOM certified Acupuncturist (National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine). He graduated with honors in 2009 with a Master’s Degree from the Texas College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in his hometown of Austin, Texas. Knowing that Oklahoma had very few qualified Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners, he began practicing in Tulsa, where he specializes in pain management.

In addition to TCM, he is a strong advocate of following the Paleo Diet, eating and growing local foods and herbs, and living an active outdoor lifestyle.

Luker intends to continue treating and educating his local community with this ancient, yet
elegant medical system.

You can book with Jeff by visiting the “Book Now” page and choosing “Acupuncture” or calling him at (918) 688-1169

Megan Spears Yoga

Private Yoga with Megan Spears at Madsen Massage

Megan Spears is an experienced Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 500) with a passion and a unique approach to teaching — one that is inspirational and embodies the physical, spiritual, and emotional aspects of wellbeing. Since she began teaching full time in 2014 many yoga studios, students, and teaching programs have sought out her insights and expertise. Megan originally studied breath-based power vinyasa yoga in 2014. She has broadened her lens by learning more about the nervous system and how to teach self-regulation through meditation training, trauma-informed yoga, and motor control-based movement.

Megan is currently set to graduate from Oklahoma State University in 2020 with a Bachelors in Health Education and Exercise Science. She is certified to teach yoga privately, and does so in a way that is calming and professional. Each session is highly personalized to support your individual needs and goals. Clients who have worked with Megan become more curious and steady in their yoga practice, demonstrating an enhanced ability to move through life with ease.

To book a session with Megan,
Call (469) 438-0342
Email: meganspearsyoga@yahoo.com

We love having you Megan! Thank you for sharing your gifts!