Tips for Healthier Living

We can all use advice for living a healthier life.  Here are some suggestions:


#1 – “If it grows, eat it.  If it doesn’t grow, don’t eat it.”  Louise Hay 

This statement is so clear and simple, and so true as well.  What we put into our bodies has an effect on our body, mind and spirit.  This is not to say you have to be a vegetarian or follow a fancy diet.  It is just to get us to look at the foods we eat, and determine if this is what our bodies need or not.  Try replacing processed foods with wholesome fruits and vegetables for a week or two and see if you feel a difference.  Most likely you will.


#2 – Go for a walk

Doctors recommend 30 minutes of exercise every day, and what a better way to get out and enjoy the fresh air, than going for a nice brisk walk.  Going for a walk also gives us a chance to get outside and absorb some vitamin D from the sun.  So feel the sun on your face and get outside for the summer.


#3 – Catch up with family and friends

Plan an outdoor picnic or a float trip with family and friends to enjoy the beautiful summer weather.  Social relationships are so important for our stress management and everyday living, so go ahead and call your brother or sister and connect with those you love.